The Pre-Competitive Program is for divers who would like to extend and expand their diving experience. Recent graduates of the Learn-to-Dive Program or individuals who simply enjoy the sport and who have the desire to strive for more and to continue to develop their skills may join this program.

Participants who register in the Pre-Competitive Program may enjoy up to 6 practice sessions per month with the Team throughout the year. In addition to pool time, participants may also choose to practice at our dry land training sessions which involve conditioning, flexibility, dive specific exercises, and trampoline work.

Individuals may join the Pre-Competitive Program at any time throughout the year. Costs may be pro-rated depending upon which time of the year you join. Please contact us for details.

A pre-requisite for this program is that the individual be able to swim two widths of the pool.

Pre-Competitive divers may qualify to enter Tier II Dive Meets. Qualifying to participate will be determined by whether the diver is able to successfully complete the required number of dives for their age group and dive level and to a standard deemed satisfactory by the coaching staff. Registration and event fees for dive meets are an additional cost to the registration fees for the program. Parents (or guardians) must also commit to assist us with the Club's fundraising efforts and attend two bingo sessions during the season.