Gatquatic Divers Club is a registered "not-for-profit" springboard and platform diving club based in Burlington, Ontario. Gatquatic Divers Club offers opportunities for all ages and levels of abilities with "Learn-to-Dive" (Link to Page), "Pre-Competitive" (Link to Page) and "Competitive" (Link to Page) Programs. The Club has served the communities in the Golden Horseshoe Area for over 35 years. We are proud to announce that recently, through the assistance of sponsorship, donations and our great group of volunteers, we were able to open up a dry land training centre where we have an Olympic size trampoline, twisting belt, harness and mats, allowing us to provide high quality training to our members in addition to the pool time we provide.

Club Mission

Gatquatic Divers Club mission is to teach safe diving and to promote the sport. It has always been the Club's goal to make diving an accessible and viable activity for the entire community, providing equal opportunity to kids of all ages regardless of social or economic background. In turn, this promotes not only the sport itself, but most importantly, building a healthy community. The Club emphasizes respect, good sportsmanship, trust, determination and fair-play. In short, we promote life skills that enhance citizenship.

Club History

Gatquatic Divers Club was founded in 1974 by George A. Tinnerman III. The name "Gatquatic" stems from the founder and first head coach's name. Using his initials G.A.T. and combining them with "aquatic" formed the now familiar "Gatquatic".

In 2006, George A. Tinnerman III was awarded the Syl Apps Award for volunteerism in Ontario. This award is presented by the Sport Alliance, in partnership with the Province of Ontario and the Ministry of Health, honouring those who have made significant contributions to their sport as leaders in their Province.



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